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The following treatments are applied with our Kemon medically graded oxygen machine which is modified for hair treatments using a transdermal supply of oxygen to the scalp and hair strands.

This machine gives a concentration of 96% pure oxygen through a high quality airbrush gun which creates a fine spray of desired treatment product mixed with oxygen to penetrate deeper into the scalp and hair shaft giving overall faster results. Using our oxygen machine with these treatments, makes the treatment 4 times more effective than topically applying it.

“Like a facial for your scalp, sit back relax and be pampered at Plush”


P Factor is the first integrated system in three phases that cleanses, regenerates and helps to prevent hair loss, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals and keeping hair healthy.

Our P Factor range helps to regenerate the scalp; prevent or normalise hair loss, and maintain hair health and vitality. The specialised formula is a targeted treatment designed to target hair loss and is enriched with plant stem cells from grapes.

Results include:

  • Thicker hair in 63% of cases
  • Average increase in hair density +20.6%
  • Improvement in the degree of alopecia in 52% of cases
  • First visible results after 3 months
With plant stem cells, saw palmetto extracts, minerals and vitamins. The ideal ritual to treat hair loss, promote growth and rediscover the pleasure of fuller, thicker hair.
With plant stem cells, saw palmetto extracts, minerals and vitamins as well as Velian Complex*. A ritual that helps to restore the scalp’s natural elasticity and vitality, while promoting growth of fuller and thicker hair.
With extracts of black pepper, horsetail, green tea, mint, lemon balm and horse chestnut, as well as Velian Complex* & essences of cypress, lavender and myrtle.

This 2 step treatment helps remove impurities from the scalp, giving an immediate fresh and clean sensation and will help to prevent dandruff and build up reappearing when treated regularly.

Step 1: A prebiotic gel developed to cleanse and soothe the scalp, helps to break down build up and hydrate the scalp, prepping the scalp for step 2

Step 2: Our oxygen machine treatment using a bespoke potion of our Kemon Purezza concentrate to refresh, decongest and sooth the scalp.

With extracts of lotus flower and aloe vera as well as Velian Complex* and essence of lemon. A ritual designed to rebalance the scalp and leave it feeling delightfully fresh and clean while bringing sebum secretion levels back to normal. This treatment absorbs sebum and unpleasant odours from the scalp with soothing and refreshing action.
With Velian Complex*, extracts of chamomile, calendula and St John’s wort, as well as essences of bergamot and lavender. The ideal ritual to moisturise, decongest and soothe very sensitive scalp, for immediate and long-lasting comfort.
With hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil and Vitamin E. An intensely moisturising ritual that lets you rediscover the pleasure of a more hydrated scalp with increased elasticity, thanks to the power of hyaluronic acid.
Because different aesthetic concerns can affect the scalp/hair at the same time, a really targeted treatment may require the use of more than one formula, thus creating a bespoke blend of ingredients that work synergistically especially for your concerns, creating your very own personal cocktail.

Book in for a complimentary consultation to discuss your scalp or hair concerns with your hair stylist so we can tailor your ritual to your specific needs.

*Velian Complex : A patented blend of plant extracts resulting from extensive scientific research conducted by Kemon in collaboration with Vivacell Biotechnology (Denzlingen, Germany) and the University of Ferrara.

Studies have demonstrated that “specific blends of extracts of Mullein, Helichrysum, Flax and Dyer’s Chamomile, produced using plants grown by Kemon, possess noteworthy anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics”, and that the patented Velian Complex blend produces an important synergistic effect, with results greater than those expected from the sum of the individual extracts.


With hydrolysed amaranth proteins, red algae extract and Bond Creator Complex (BCC) as well as hyaluronic acid.

An advanced reconstruction ritual that leaves hair looking healthier, fuller, thicker and repaired. This treatment has exceptional reconstructing power, the BCC’s natural occurring molecules, helps rebuild the disulphide bonds within the hair, repairing the physical, mechanical and chemical damages caused by heat damage, the environment and chemical treatments.

With hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil and vitamin E.

A hydrating and plumping ritual that provides uniformity, makes the style last longer and delivers a “filler effect”, making the hair look instantly healthier, thicker and softer to the touch.

With hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

A ritual designed to enhance hair moisture and resistance, thus helping to preserve the brilliance and intensity of the colour wash after wash. The result: hair that feels soft and silky with a high gloss and vibrant colour reflect.

This treatment is applied topically and do not need the help of our oxygen machine.

With peach and almond oil, hyaluronic and glycoxylic acids.

Hyaluronic and glycoxylic acids form a hydro-elastic film on the hair surface, thus preserving its hydration and making the cuticle layer compact and smooth. Almond and peach oils gently nourish the hair and exert antioxidant and protective activity. After the treatment, hair is visibly soft, lustrous and easy to style. It gives long lasting hair control and makes hair easier to comb and style. The treatment lasts for at least 4 washes.

This treatment is applied topically and do not need the help of our oxygen machine.

Everyone needs a Malibu Makeover®! This 2-step wellness service, transforms tone, texture, vibrancy, and strength of hair as well as removing mineral deposits and other impurities on the hair.

Benefits Include:

  •  Restores shine, volume, and manageability
  • Infuses protein to help slow the build-up of future exposure to minerals
  • Minimizes chemical burns and irritation during services on clients with sensitive scalps
  • Helps prevent breakage and negative reactions during chemical services
  • Safely removes minerals such as iron, copper, calcium, chlorine and other oxidizers that can discolor and damage hair.
  • Helps prevent breakage prior, during, and after service by stopping oxidation
  • Soothes & nourishes dry scalp compounded by minerals and oxidizers
  • Helps reduce the appearance of inflammation, dry and flaky conditions

Step 1: A patented blend of antioxidant vitamin crystals that activate into a gel to naturally draw out malicious mineral deposits and other impurities, revealing natural shine, colour, and body while priming the hair for chemical services.

Step 2: A powerful protein reconstructor formulated with plant-derived proteins that seek out weak spots and rebuild only where damage exists.

The Malibu Makeover provides dramatic results and immediately repairs hair that is oxidized, damaged and/or over-processed. Ideal for all hair types and all hair conditions. 

This treatment is applied topically and do not need the help of our oxygen machine.

This in salon super service helps to rebuild the strength, structure and integrity of all hair types. It is especially effective for hair that has been compromised, chemically or thermally damaged.

This treatment is a great introduction to Olaplex and is often used as a “reset button” for hair that needs an intervention.

Available as a stand-alone treatment to restore all hair types, regardless of the damage it has or chemical services are taken to a whole new level when OLAPLEX is added to them.

This treatment is applied topically and do not need the help of our oxygen machine.

Not only can cortex deep deposits prevent you from reaching your colour goals, it also affects the way products like OLAPLEX penetrate through your hair by creating a barrier. This barrier leads to damage, and lacklustre hair, no matter what products used to enhance or rebuild it. This is a service only your hairdresser can offer you! Our Chelating Treatment is the only of its kind to rebuild hair simultaneously while it thoroughly, yet gently removing impurities and build-up.

OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment removes harmful particles without damaging hair. Its potent Vitamin C cleans the scalp and provides antioxidant protection from pollution and free radical damage. It allows better penetration and efficacy of all chemical services. Promotes vibrant colour and consistent lightening results. Restores natural shine, softness, and manageability. It’s clinically proven to remove 98% of build-up with one use.

This treatment is applied topically and do not need the help of our oxygen machine.