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About Plush Hair Salon

Established in 2010, owner Lisa recognised the importance of getting to know each client’s hair and offering a 1 to 1 personal experience between the stylist and the client. We pride ourselves on still offering this experience today. To us, each client’s needs are so individual, so it’s so important to us that each treatment is tailored and customised to every need.

  • Specialists in Great Lengths keratin bonded and tape hair extensions. (Gold Salon)
  • Regional educator and experts in Keratin Complex, award winning Personal Blow dry System.
  • Stockists of Kemon, Color Wow, Keratin Complex and Great Lengths styling products.
  • Our colour line is Kemon which consists of; Cramer-the classic line enriched with coconut oil. Nayo; the organic colour made with yoghurt which is ammonia, PPD and frangrace free and Colouring; semi permanent, ammonia free and enriched with abyssinian oil, which adds shine and softness, makes hair easier to detangle and strengthens the hair fibre, All colours require a skin test at least 48 hours prior to colour service.
  • We pride ourselves on being the only salon in the south east of Ireland to offer scalp and hair therapy with our medically graded oxygen machine and Kemon Trico diagnostics scalp camera.

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Price List


  • Wash/Cut/Blowdry
  • Wash/Cut/Restyle


  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long
  • Extra Long
  • Curly Blowdry
    €28 - €34
  • Curls
    From €35
  • Upstyling
    €35 - €45


Not Including cut/blowdry

  • Roots
    €40 (Cramer) €50 (Nayo)
  • Refresh
    €45 (Cramer) €55 (Nayo)
  • Masking
    €25 (Cramer) €35 (Nayo)
    (T-Bar Section Root Touchup)
  • T-Bar
    from €45
  • Half Head
    from €60
  • Full Head
    form €75
  • Toners
    from €20
  • Extras
    Add on Olaplex for €25 or Kemon Restore for €20
  • Ombre/Balayage
  • Colour Change
  • Fashion Colours


Our treatments are one of a kind, and are fully customized to each client. We start with scalp and hair analysis using our Kemon Trico diagnostics scalp camera. This we allow us to perform a hair diagnosis and recommend the Actyva treatment best suited to your needs. One your ritual is selected, we will select the shampoo best suited to your specific needs, followed by the application of cute santa gel base which will allow us to address specific scalp and hair needs and concerns. Step three is our exclusive oxygen system. Active oxygen promotes better skin and hair oxygenation and helps to prevent and treat different aesthetic concerns by stimulating blood microcirculation, thus enhancing our appearance. Treatment after treatment, the scalp will be visibly healthier, and the hair fuller and revitalised.

  • Treatments
    From €25
  • Keratin Complex
    (Personalised Blowdry Treatment)

Patch Test required 48 hours before all colour services

At least 24 hours notice required for cancellations

Prices Quoted on FREE Consultation

Removal Cost from €30

Prices Quoted on FREE Consultation

Removal Cost from €30

Our Brands

The premium quality, extensive range, application and ethical source of our hair really sets us apart from our competitors. These qualities make great lengths the preferred choice of professional hairdressers and stylists worldwide. We are the only extension company to obtain and process our own hair. Sourced from the temples of India, as part of a Hindu ritual, the revenue from the purchase of the hair goes directly back into the community. The Great Lengths hair is 100% virgin Remy to make sure all natural hair qualities are preserved. The hair undergoes a special procedure to align the natural direction of the cuticles and therefore safeguarding the hair from damage. This is key to preserve the hair extensions health and colour vibrancy. The hair is also double drawn, which means it is the same thickness from root to tip. We also have the widest range of colours and lengths on the market.

In 1992, Great Lengths International developed and patented the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer. Because of this ground breaking technology, many if not all extension companies now claim a “keratin bond” as their form of attachment. Factually, any form of keratin can be combined with any type of polymer to qualify as a “keratin” bond, regardless if it makes any functional difference or benefit in the bond itself. The Great Lengths Synthesized Keratin Bond molecular structure is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. The result gives the Great Lengths bond functionality that is not available in any other hair bonding compound in the marketplace. The functionality is the Great Lengths bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair.

For example, when you wash your hair or get it wet, the hair shaft expands. When it dries, it contracts. Bonds that do not possess such function will soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the natural hair completely because the bond is being stretched with no capacity to contract each time the natural hair expands and contracts. This is a Great Lengths exclusive feature. Because of this exclusive feature of our bond, NO DAMAGE is caused to your own hair and your own hair will grow as normal.

In 2017 GL Tapes were developed and brought to the market. GL Tapes use the same 100% human hair as Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions and have been gently hand processed and blended to create over 58 different shades. Using a medical grade, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic tape, (the only tapes on the market with a medical grade adhesive strip), GL tapes are suitable for all hair densities, creating an instantaneous transformation of length, volume and/or colour. Maintaining GL Tapes is easy! The lightweight tapes are virtually undetectable in the hair and comfortable to wear. Upon following our maintenance and aftercare tips, GL Tapes have the potential to last between 6-8 weeks before professional maintenance is needed.

Nowadays hair thinning and partial alopecia represent constantly growing issues; that is why in 2018 we introduced GL Volume

Fast and easy application, thanks to a special thickening technology: this product is made by Great Lengths high quality natural hair which is hand sewn into the lace net and knotted. The GL Volume piece is designed to build confidence in women suffering from hair loss and thinning or with sparse spots around the crown.

The netting gets applied to the client’s natural hair with the use of GL Keratin drops and GL Braid. Undetectable when applied, GL Volume blends into the client’s natural hair leaving the finish looking natural and seamless. Without any damage to the natural hair, we can help our clients achieve a great look and to feel 100% themselves again.

The GL Volume application is extremely fast and easy, in less than 1 hour our client will have a brand new look, that can be further personalized with any kind of styling (brushing, flat iron and styler).
The GL Volume can be worn for 4-6 weeks and then it should be removed and refitted to ensure it sits and attaches correctly to the natural hair. With appropriate care and maintenance it can last up to 8 months; after this period it is possible to regenerate it for 2 times. It is available in 3 different typologies and also customizable upon request.

Keratin Complex ® started a revolution in 2007 when we merged proven keratin science with cutting-edge technology to develop a first-of-its-kind treatment powered by Signature Keratin. Since then we have continued to lead the industry and have been voted favourite smoothing treatment over and over again. Our full portfolio of customizable smoothing treatments is designed to make your hair healthier while addressing individual needs and hair type. Each of our treatments eliminates frizz, increases manageability, repairs damage, and leaves the hair noticeably softer with luminous shine!


It’s customizable. Go straight, stay curly, or anything in between.


Smoother hair or defined curls without the frizz.


Up to 3 months

Price is based on consultation

What our customers say about Plush

I never thought I’d be able to get extensions as my hair is naturally curly and very thin. Lisa done such a fantastic job on my great lengths, so much so that I got 7 months out of each set. A perfectionist! They are so lightweight, comfortable and low maintenance. Will be back for my third set during the summermonths out of each set. A perfectionist! They are so lightweight, comfortable and low maintenance. Will be back for my third set during the summer

Loving my 2nd set of great lengths, Lisa does an amazing job and my hair was not damaged at all after 5 months having my last set in. Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. Thanks so much Lisa 🙂

Lisa did an absolutely amazing job on everybody’s hair for my wedding. Will definitely be recommending her to anyone 🙂

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