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Pillowboxed – 100% Mulberry Silk Eye masks

Pillowboxed Mulberry Silk Eye Masks are 100% Mulberry Silk, elasticated and are a perfect fit to block out the light. This means that during your sleep cycles you are less likely to stay awake when you are in the light sleep phase. Sleep masks are great for those who struggle to sleep or in fact stay asleep. ⠀

Light pollution is regarded as one of the biggest sleep disruptors. It could be the blue light from your phone or the light that enters your room around the blinds or even the streetlight outside your bedroom.

Sleep masks blackout light which will improve your sleep and overall health. A Pillowboxed Mulberry Silk Eye Masks will help prevent the formation of unwanted creases, protecting your skin and slowing down the possible formation of crow’s feet.⠀
The silk on the delicate eye area also helps with sleep creases and fine lines and is great for helping to maintain lash extensions.

  • A perfect accompaniment to any facial treatments by injection or otherwise as it caresses the skin instead of tugging it
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Breathable and cooling resulting in a better nights sleep.

The perfect gift for the one who LOVES their sleep.

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5 in stock