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Color Wow Money Mist 150ml

Color Wow Money Mist 150ml offers a wealth of benefits, enriched with nourishing nutrients and hydrating botanicals to deliver a stunning transformation to your hair. This lightweight leave-in spray not only deeply conditions but also provides essential heat protection, ensuring your hair stays healthy and vibrant.

At the core of Color Wow Money Mist 150ml lies the proprietary Baolyzed Amino Complex™, complemented by blue sea kale, kelp, and red algae. Together, these powerful ingredients work synergistically to minimize the risk of breakage, promoting stronger and more resilient strands. Additionally, the mist’s brightening properties leave your hair with a radiant luminosity, enhancing its overall appearance.

Why Its WOW
  • Easy to use, instant transformation!
  • Powerful detangler reduces breakage
  • Strengthens strands to support healthy growth
  • Moisturizes + defrizzes for smooth, silky, luxe texture
  • Like a whole new head of luxe, healthy-looking hair
  • Ultralight, penetrating spray won’t weigh hair down
  • Heat protectant + UV protectant
  • For all hair types.
For All Hair Types
  • FINE strands are plumped, with added body
  • COARSE strands are softer, smoother
  • FRIZZY strands are silkier and smoother
  • DRY strands are hydrated and less brittle
  • DAMAGED strands are fortified, more elastic
How to Use Money Mist

1. Shampoo, then condition if desired.
2. Mist evenly throughout clean, damp hair.
3. Comb through to distribute evenly.
4. Do not rinse out; style as usual.

Breakthroughs that make it possible for Money Mist to work on every hair type

  1. “Adaptive technology” 

Money Mist can adjust to an individual hair fiber’s needs due to the diversity of the size of molecules, the molecular weight and type of ingredients found in the formula. Each fiber is nourished with the precise level of peptides, hydration and conditioning it requires to strengthen, moisturize and smooth texture.

2. Proprietary Baolyzed Amino Complex

One of the keys to great hair is a strong cortex. When the cortex’s crystalline interior becomes damaged – by chemical processing and heat tools – the hair loses strength and elasticity. Our Baolized Amino Complex easily penetrates the hair shaft to encourage crystal formation, and therefore helps to increase the strength, elasticity, and bounce of damaged fibers

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