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Color WOW Curl Wow Coco-Motion Lubricating Conditioner 295ml

Introducing the Color WOW Curl Wow Coco-Motion Lubricating Conditioner 295ml. This silky treatment is bound to breathe life back to your dehydrated curls and coils. It builds on the potent hydrating power of coconut and marula oils, so your hair is not only manageable but also radiates a weightless, full-bodied bounce. Whether your hair feels brittle or dry to the touch, this conditioner grants it fluid motion, bounce and elasticity for a silkier feel.

For Hair That’s…

  • Designed for curly and coily hair types.

What Does It Do?

  • Introduces a new “Naked Technology” that feels so light, it’s like there’s nothing on your hair.
  • Conditions deeply into the strands for weightless hydration.
  • Instantly revives dry, dehydrated, brittle hair, giving it a silky texture, fluid motion and bounce.

How Do I Use It?

  • Start by draining any excess moisture from your hair.
  • Apply a generous quantity of the conditioner. You can use your fingers or a comb to distribute it uniformly.
  • Leave it on for up to 5 minutes if you need a profound treatment.
  • Rinse it off with warm water.
  • Style your hair as you prefer.

Nourish dehydrated curls with Curl Wow Coco-Motion Conditioner a silky moisturising treatment that encourages the look of bouncy and full-bodied curls and coils.

Enriched with a blend of coconut and marula oils, the conditioner provides intense hydration, while helping to detangle and improve the hair’s manageability. The result is a more defined and moisturised with a weightless feel.

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