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by | 29 May 2024

Silent Appointments at Plush Hair : Your Comfort, Your Choice

At Plush Hair, we believe in creating an environment where every client feels comfortable and at ease. In 2022, as we reopened our doors after the last covid lockdown, we noticed many of our clients were feeling exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed. To support our clients, we introduced the option for silent appointments across all our services.



Why Silent Appointments?

We understand that sometimes you just need a break from the constant chatter and noise. Whether you’re feeling anxious, tired, or simply in need of some peace and quiet, our silent appointments are here to provide you with a serene and relaxing experience. This option is perfect for those who want to switch off, unwind, and enjoy a moment of tranquillity while getting their hair done.



How It Works

Requesting a silent appointment is simple. You can ask for it while booking your appointment, or use the signs available at each station in the salon. If you prefer a quiet session, turn the sign to indicate a silent appointment. If you’re happy to chat, leave the sign as it is.


At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll take a few minutes to discuss your hair goals and preferences. After that, you can relax, read a magazine, listen to a podcast, or catch up on your phone—whatever helps you unwind.


Happy to Chat?

If you enjoy a good conversation during your visit, we’re here for that too! Our team loves getting to know our clients and making your time with us enjoyable. Whether you want to talk about the latest trends, share stories, or just enjoy some friendly banter, we’re all ears.



Your Comfort, Our Priority

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Whether you choose a silent appointment or prefer a lively conversation, we aim to make every visit enjoyable and personal to each client.


Thank You

We want to thank all our clients for their continued support. We are committed to providing a safe, relaxing, and personalized experience every time you visit us. Your trust and loyalty mean the world to us, and we look forward to making your next appointment just as special.


Book your appointment today and let us take care of the rest.

Your comfort, your choice.



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