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Great Lengths Hair Extensions

by | 23 Sep 2021

Why our extensions are the right brand for you

Nowadays, there is so many hair extension options on the market, you may be totally confused and overwhelmed when it comes to transforming your hair. But although a lot of other brands will do that – transform, they may also cause your hair and scalp damage and end up, costing you more in the long run! But fear not, Great Lengths Hair Extensions to the rescue!

My name is Lisa and I’m a Great Lengths addict! Let me tell you my story ……

I’ve been wearing hair extensions since I was 15 years old (so almost 20years). So you could say that I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly. My hair has pulled clean from my scalp from wefts that were too heavy. I’ve been left with bald patches from clip ins that tugged and dragged my natural hair until there was nothing left to hold onto. I’ve been unable to tie my hair back because of bulky beads and bonds that were just too thick and heavy for my own fine, thin hair. I have been left in tears from glue that stuck my hair to my head and refused to come out, causing me headaches and heartache not to mention sticky hair!

  (Below is not what extensions should look like, these plastic beads “choke” your hair and cause hair loss and damage to the hair follicle. This may result in bald patches and traction alopecia.)

I knew I didn’t want to put my hair (or my heart) through anymore. So, in 2010, when I opened my own salon, I did my research and I found my saviour, Great Lengths hair extensions.

You see, I’ve always had fine hair. When I was a child, my mam used to smother my hair in hot oils to try and encourage growth and to thicken my hair. I wore caps with fake pony tails and even clipped wool into my hair for a fancy-dress party when I was 11 years old. I have always wanted long, thick luxurious hair and envied those who had it and didn’t appreciate it. But let’s face it, we’re never happy with our own hair. When we have straight hair, we long for curls and when we have curls, we long for sleekness. When we have long hair, we decide to chop it short and then see photos of celebs with long hair and instantly regret our decision. Am I right?

I have been hairdressing 19 years and I’ve seen it all.

I’ve witnessed tears from beautiful women who have had horrific experiences from hair extensions that have ruined their own hair and left them traumatised. Because like we always say, your hair is your crowing glory, your comfort blanket so when we lose it, we don’t feel like us.

That’s why I believe, as a hairdresser, we should use brands that benefit the natural hair and that I can guarantee and stand over. Why would I apply extensions to my clients that I know will cause damage and distress? That’s just not how we roll in Plush Hair!


When I found Great Lengths, I knew I had struck gold.

I first heard of them when a client in my previous salon had booked in for a blow-dry. Before her blow-dry appointment, she had a facial with our beautician. Our beautician, knowing my obsession with hair extensions, said to me “Lisa, you have to see that lady’s extensions. I did a scalp massage on her and didn’t even notice she had extensions in, until she said to me – ‘You’re probably wondering what’s in my head!’ “

I spent the whole blow-dry appointment quizzing the lady about her extensions. At the time, there was no salons in the Republic of Ireland applying Great Lengths so she had to travel to Belfast every 6 months. She assured me, it was worth the journey. I knew I had to have them!

Fast forward a year later, I opened my own salon and promised myself that I would be the first salon to bring Great Lengths to Waterford and I was. In August 2011, I became Great Lengths Certified and I can honestly say, I have never looked back.

The quality of the hair is the best I have ever come across. They are the only extension company to obtain and process their own hair. Sourced from the temples of India, as part of a Hindu ritual, the revenue from the purchase of the hair goes directly back into the community.

The Bond

The bond is patented and was the first pre-tipped, synthesized keratin bond polymer on the market. This ground breaking technology is what sets Great Lengths apart from its competitors. The Great Lengths Bond is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. The functionality means, the Great Lengths bond has the ability to expand and contract with human hair. Which in simple terms means, when your hair shrinks and expands, the bond will too! Bonds that do not possess such function will soon begin to shed the extensions and ultimately slide off the natural hair completely. This is a Great Lengths exclusive feature. Because of this exclusive feature of our bond, NO DAMAGE is caused to your own hair and your own hair will grow as normal.

The Tape

The most recent addition to the Great Lengths Family, was the tape extension. GL Tapes use the same
100% human hair as Great Lengths pre-bonded extensions and have been gently hand processed and
blended to create over 58 different shades. Using a medical grade, hypo-allergenic and non toxic tape GL tapes are suitable for all hair densities. They create an instantaneous transformation of length, volume and/or colour. The lightweight tapes are virtually undetectable in the hair and comfortable to wear. Upon following our maintenance and aftercare tips, GL Tapes have the potential to last
between 6-8 weeks before professional maintenance is needed. The tapes can be re-taped up to 3 times.  

Maintenance is easy but important.

At Plush Hair, we provide you with a Great Lengths brush. This will be your best friend when it comes to your maintenance routine. This brush glides through your bonds and is a dream to use. So much so, it is our most sold item on our website. Our clients just love it!

It is recommended to wear a loose low ponytail or plait when sleeping and taking part in sporting activities. We have all the products you need to maintain your hair and bonds that will guarantee longevity. With the correct aftercare, your bonds will last 4-6 months. Your hair can still be coloured and styled as normal with your extensions; however, care must be taken near the bond or tape when using heated tools. But that’s it! Prices are based on consultation due to the various different length and options available to you.

If you would like an more information on Great Lengths or any other services we offer in Plush Hair, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hair and we love helping you on your journey to love yours too.

Thanks so much for reading,



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